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AfroDesiaCity is more than just an event planning company — it's a movement.  
Though Boston has birthed some of urban music's biggest stars, including Donna Summer, Guru and New Edition, there are still few spaces in the city where young professionals of color can mix and mingle while enjoying the smooth and sexy, fierce and funky, joyful and jazzy sounds of classic and contemporary soul music.
That's where we come in.
AfroDesiaCity curates and coordinates live music events, social gatherings and celebrations infused with an intelligent, innovative and irreverent sense of soul.
As we lead the renaissance of soulful entertainment in Boston, we're setting the stage for the city to step into the spotlight as one of the nation's premiere urban music metropolises.
Since 2009, AfroDesiaCity has been bringing audiences the best in emerging and established musical talent thanks to our fine ear for cutting-edge soul sounds and our deep connections with local and national music and entertainment industry professionals and institutions, including the world-renown Berklee College of Music.
Our annual Soulful Bliss celebration features independent, underground musicians putting their unique stamp on soul music, while our monthly Futuristic Soul showcase has quickly become a breeding ground for emerging soul and urban music artists to display their talent and network with industry insiders to propel their careers forward.
We've worked with a number of today's most notable leaders of the new school of soul, including Jesse Boykins III, Shea Rose, Theo Martin, Gwen Bunn, April Stanford, Iman Omari, Elevation Theory, Vaughn Anthony and many more.
As we continue to introduce Boston to up-and-coming independent underground artists, we're also positioning ourselves to become the prime platform for national and international soul music veterans seeking to share their musical message with live entertainment enthusiasts throughout Greater Boston. With each event we plan and host, we're working to expand the market so that soul music artists feel confident that they can connect with their fans here in the Hub.
Our commitment to bringing good people together to have a great time extends beyond live music events to include private parties and receptions, cultural functions and public festivities. From our SoulStage at the City of Boston's annual GreenFest to wine tastings where folks can socialize and imbibe in a relaxed, intimate setting, AfroDesiaCity plans and promotes unparalleled experiences that speak to the heart and soul of those who take part.
We're dedicated to sharing with our community the beauty and power of living soulfully, and we do so not only with our entertainment events and social gatherings, but with arts programs and workshops for youth as well. We hope to be an essential part of the effort to cultivate the next generation of soul stars by providing spaces in our community where young people can express themselves creatively, connect with one another and put some positive energy back into our city.
From electrifying performances and lively parties to community-based arts programs, AfroDesiaCity is leading the (r)evolution of soul.