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AfroDesiaCity™ is a local event and consulting company specializing in live entertainment and special events. We partner directly with artists to elevate your voice and support organizations in producing soulful events. Serving Boston’s greater metropolitan area, we offer various artists management, event production, and cultural activation. AfroDesiaCity™ became a dream in 2009. ADC built this enterprise as the sole proprietor to transform the norm into an unparalleled experience. ADC's sexy ambiance speaks a million words of curiosity which create a surreal sound of pleasure. ADC acts as a visionary, community organizer events extraordinaire, connector, and mover, and shaker in the arts community.


We have put together and executed many different types of events such as art galleries, festivals, arts events to engage youth, artist nightlife events, interactive theater experiences, and artist marketplaces. ADC continues to curate and coordinate multifaceted platforms, such as live music events, social gatherings, and celebrations through community engagement. ADC infuses the shapes and textures of allowing all forms of people with an intelligent, innovative, and irreverent sense of soul.

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